1. It seems like lately the light goes flat when ever I am about to take my camera out. @travistone was boosting in the @loonparksnh pipe over the weekend.

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  3. Solo split trip leads to shooting photos of myself. #whyarentyouriding

  4. "For the Explorer who’s heart is hungry finds little but the cage he seeks to leave behind; While one who walks a road for its gift of footsteps discovers unwavering fullness that requires no destination. Trust you are always exactly where you need to be."

  5. Cabin Fever

  6. Pow hunting
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  7. MT. Baker drive by

  8. Snowy days are the best. #whyarentyouriding.


  9. Loon Mtn King Of The East

    Watching the weather all week I knew it would be a wet one. The forecast was calling for pouring rain for most of the day… in the middle of January, not exactly the best conditions to go out and shoot snowboarding. Friday came and I headed to Conway to grab Christian and the game plan was to head to Loon in the morning over the Kanc. 

    Waking up Saturday morning I was greeted with a solid layer of ice incasing the van. After chipping away at the windows and opening the door, I turned the key and she slowly fired up and came to life. Get the van loaded up and we are on our way. It was slow going and the freezing rain wasn’t helping, the only other car we saw on the Kanc was a plow going the opposite direction. Tiptoeing the decent we came to the conclusion that wit h the already blowing wind forecasted to pick up coming back this way will probably not be a good idea later in the day. Drop Christian off at the lodge so he can sign in and then find a close spot in the empty lot to boot up before heading into the monsoon. 

    The lifts lines were empty while everyone crammed into the line to ride the gondola. Slushy springtime conditions in the middle of January. The turnout for the contest wasn’t great, but the few hardcore riders, 20 or so guys were ready to throw down on the awesome setup the Park Crew had built the days leading up to the comp.  


  10. Dominica

    Emerald Island of the Caribbean.


  11. Alaska Found

    Recently found a bunch of photos I forgot about from Alaska. Enjoy

  12. Wasn’t the only one watching the sunset.

  13. Into the white

  14. "How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains" -Muir

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  15. "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul" -Muir